A Cognitive IoT Definition for Business Transformation


Cognitive IoT: How would you define it? For what purpose?

A Summary:

Internet of Things (IoT) augments human perceptions with connected and shared data from physical devices through the Internet. Recent IoT evolution applies cognitive computing into IoT data for the purpose of making devices intelligent. This article provides a definition of Cognitive IoT that furthers the IoT evolution: firstly by applying cognitive computing beyond IoT data in context with data from enterprise, social and the web, for the purpose of augmented intelligence; and secondly by introducing closing the loop in machine intelligence with machine-generated responses, for the purpose of personal cognitive assistance. By putting a highly flexible and engaging human-machine collaboration layer in the hands of enterprise users, these progressions can bring forth business transformation in scale.

If you want to read the full paper, please follow this link:

A Cognitive Definition for Business Transformation


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