Joanna Ng is the founder of Devarim Design. An ex-IBM-er, Joanna pivoted to innovate in an entrepreneurial start-up setting, focusing on Artificial Intelligence, specialized in Augmented Cognition, by integrating with IoT and Blockchain, applying to all of it her design-thinking methodology.

Joanna’s niche is her capacity and insight in turning complex abstractions and theories and research outcome into useful products and solutions. She held a seven-year tenure as the Head of Research and Director of the Centre for Advanced Studies, IBM Canada Lab; and accredited as an IBM Master Inventor.

Professionally as an inventor and technologist, her portfolio includes:

Some of Joanna’s inventions are highlighted below:

  • “The Four Languages of Innovation”
  • “The Smart Internet”
  • “The Personal Web”
  • “Personalized Web Tasking”, “Web Tasking”
  • Scribble on IISE
  • SOSA (Social Ontology & Semantic Actions)
  • REAST (REpresentational Action State Transfer) and ROH (Resource Oriented Hypermedia)
  • DIANE (Domain Informatics and ANalytics for Enterprise) aka Talk To Your Own Data

Personally as a person of faith in Christ, her ministries in faith includes:

Joanna earned her degree of Bachelor of Science from University of Calgary, majored in Computer Science, with a double major in Psychology. She also earned a degree of MBA from Queen’s University.


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