Joanna Ng is currently the Head of Research at IBM Canada Software Laboratories, Center for Advanced Studies. She is also a Senior Technical Staff Member of IBM Software Group. In her current position, she directs the organization to conduct industrial research in collaboration with academic researchers, IBM researchers and software technologists.

Joanna has held various senior management and software architect positions within IBM. She is an IBM Master Inventor with a track record of profitable innovations. Under her leadership in research, software strategy and product development, she has conceived and has led innovative projects with proven track records of nurturing them into patents, publications, incubation prototypes and commercialized products, in the technology areas of cloud infrastructure; social computing services; big data analytics; mobile and ubiquitous technologies; web related technologies; commerce portal; voice-enabled portal; retail industry solutions; service oriented architecture; semantic and ontology technologies and asset repository related technologies.

Some of Joanna’s inventions are highlighted below:

  • “The Four Languages of Innovation”
  • “The Smart Internet”
  • “The Personal Web”
  • “Personalized Web Tasking”, “Web Tasking”
  • Scribble on IISE
  • SOSA (Social Ontology & Semantic Actions)
  • REAST (REpresentational Action State Transfer) and ROH (Resource Oriented Hypermedia)
  • DIANE (Domain Informatics and ANalytics for Enterprise) aka Talk To Your Own Data

Joanna has co-published and co-edited two books, “The Smart Internet”, contributing 5 book chapters (2010), and “The Personal Web”, contributing 3 book chapters (2013). She has authored/co-authored 15 peer-reviewed/refereed publications, 2 position papers and over 15 conference workshops publications.

Joanna has received 40 patent issuance, granted by government patent offices from Canada and United States, and internationally by China; Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other European countries such as France; Germany; Ireland; Italy; Netherlands; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; and United Kingdom, from 10 distinct inventions. In addition, there are 5 additional patent filings currently being evaluated by government patent offices.

More information about IBM Canada Lab. CAS Research can be found in this link:

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