Prague astronomical clock — An invention that stood the test of time, dated back to 1410! Photo by J. Ng, 2014.

Welcome to my Blog!

I set up this blog as my online huddle, a platform for me to share my thoughts over things I care deeply about, from the perspectives:

  • as a technologist and an inventor
  • as a person of faith in Christ
  • as a woman
  • as an Asian, in minority within the context of North America

I use this platform as a forum to process and share my views that reflect the integration of all these perspectives about my identity and invite discussions over these topics very dear to my heart:

  • Innovation, the creative process
  • Patenting: insights, interesting anecdotes
  • Technologies: the why-s, the strategies, the trends
  • Faith and life
  • Being women in such a time as this

Thank you for journeying with me and be a part of this huddle.

I welcome your comment, feedback and constructive discussion.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joannawng/

Email: joanna.ng@devarim.design


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