Innovation Week @ Markham 2018




Thank you, Mayor Frank Scarpitti, for celebrating women inventors and innovations as a part of Innovation Week in the Town of Markham, 2018.  It was my honor to have my invention achievements highlighted as a part of the celebration! It was also a joy to celebrate the victory of the Markham Women Hockey team, the Markham Thunder, who won eight games in a roll!

Mayor Scarpitti’s interview asked me two questions:

Q1: What is a Master Inventor in IBM?

J: Master inventor is a designation within IBM to recognize individuals who have a large portfolio of inventions with measurable impact. It also recognizes inventors as leaders and mentors to grow the inventor communities.

Q2: What is the latest innovation project you are working on?

J: My latest innovation is home grown in Canada, totally birthed and created in the Town of Markham. I am the innovator of CogniBOT, with a team of the brightest minds from IBM Canada Lab here in Markham.

ChatBOTs talk. ChatBOTs provide users AI experience from the collection of technologies related to speech and  Natural Language Processing. But it is always better to THINK before one TALKS. CogniBOTs provide the thinking framework that is missing in today’s ChatBOTs.

While voice-enabled shopping is not new, CogniBOTs take it to a new level of AI experience. For example, when a mother adds a salad dressing to a digital shopping cart, the mother’s cogniBOTs “knows” she has a child that has nut allergy problems, so her cogniBOTs immediately checks on the ingredients of the newly added item, resulting in a warning message, in voice or in text, recommending the mother that she has to remove that item from her shopping cart because that item has nut allergens.

Mayer Scarpitti: “It’s always good for politicians to think before we talk. Thank you, Joanna!”

That wrapped up the interview.

Innovation Week @ Markham 2018