“Experience-based Analytics” — an invited lecture at Carleton University, School of Computer Science, Institute for Data Science, October 21st, 2015


It is my honour to be invited as a guest speaker at Carleton University School of Computer Science. I am especially delighted to be the first speaker of the Data Science Series for the newly form institute of Data Science at Carleton.

The forming of the Institute of Data Science at Carleton is truly a forward thinking move, demonstrating the university’s understanding of the need of focus in Data Science. Its setup as a multi-disciplinary institute reflects Carleton’s wisdom in realizing that data science is a multi-disciplinary problem, not just a data science problem.



Experience-based Analytics has been a topic very dear to my heart.

If cars designed by car engineers require car engineering skills to drive, then the world has no car.

Today, data analytics tools designed by data scientists and software engineers do require data science and software engineering skills to use. So the world does not have data analytics for insights for general consumption. No wonder only 1% of the world’s data is analyzed and used [1]. The Big Data promise is far from realization.

My talk on “Experience Based Analytics” introduces the notion of enabling end users for conducting analytics, so more data can be analyzed for insights.

[1] https://www.emc.com/collateral/analyst-reports/idc-digital-universe-united-states.pdf

#datascience #carleton 


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